Discover the trophies from the 4th edition of the IN3+ Award

The trophies for the 4th Edition of the IN3+ Prize were designed by Rita Margarida, Baiba Sime and Hugo Maciel, who collaborates with INCM – Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda. The trophies aim to showcase and embody the concept of disruption as innovation. Innovation needs new approaches and perspectives, and requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone and questioning the status quo to create something truly innovative. When we break away from stagnant thoughts, new ideas are born, experimented, investigated, invented, and created.

The trophy for the 1st place, designed by Rita Margarida, has a simple and minimalist design language. It consists of an abstract composition of several rectangular planes, overlapping and intersecting with each other to create a sense of dynamism and movement. The materials used in the trophy are surplus acrylic from the INCM’s engraving unit, representing all the work that is done in the backstage to overcome challenges and implement innovation, and surplus plastic resulting from the production of citizen identity cards, symbolizing the end version of the idea development process.

The trophy for the 2nd place, designed by Baiba Sime, is made of plastic tubes that overlap irregularly, representing the several steps required to achieve and develop a project. It is based on an acrylic disc engraved with patterns used in the engraving unit’s pantograph.

Finally, the trophy for the 3rd place, designed by Hugo Maciel, implements the concept of rupture with the application of a central element that represents the thought that moves away from rigidity to give way to innovation, new development proposals, and evolution. The trophy is made of acrylic and plastic.